We support small, local, and Canadian businesses!
We support small, local, and Canadian businesses!
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Fern and Petal Sprays
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Fern and Petal Sprays

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Bergamot and Lime:

Room Spray

Reenergize your home with this refreshing blend of Bergamot & Lime. With only a few spritzes from this room spray, you can make any space in your house smells perfect and inviting - perfect for any summer day!


Floral Water

Extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, neroli has a light floral citrus scent that instills feelings of harmony. Mist on your face for a gentle and balancing toner. Also works as a skin refresher that soothes and hydrates.   


Floral Water

Feel like a goddess with this refreshing floral blend that calms nerves and acts as a natural aphrodisiac.   

Magnesium and Rose:

Topical Spray

Magnesium is an important mineral that helps our bodies function. Our magnesium spray is blended with rose water for a calming aroma and contains properties that help reduce pain, anxiety, depression and improve sleep


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