We support small, local, and Canadian businesses!
We support small, local, and Canadian businesses!
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Happy Birthday Bundle
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Happy Birthday Bundle

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What’s Included:


8 oz. Birthday Cake candle - Haila Bodycare

Organic Birthday Cake lip balm - Haila Bodycare

Donut Soap - Haila Bodycare

5-pack of Unicorn Poop meringues - Hello Gifts Exclusive

Velvet Scrunchie - Hello Gifts


Birthday Cake Candle: Pure soy wax, Birthday Cake scented candle, topped with sprinkles. 
Birthday Cake Lip Balm: Organic Birthday Cake flavored lip balm, topped with sprinkles. 
Donut Soap: Organic Shea butter and Colloidal oat base soap, scented with cinnamon chai base, and cotton candy “icing”. 
Unicorn Poop meringues: Made fresh, in house, and by hand. Flavored with vanilla, and made with fresh, local, free-range eggs. 

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